About Us

Our Foundation

WorshipHouse Media exists to help the Church engage with God through creative media. We believe that the Church is called to be in the center of today's culture. With impactful and illustrative services, events, and small groups, you can connect with all generations and create a unique church experience through media.

At WorshipHouse Media, everything we do is held to high standards of excellence so that your worship & tech teams can truly shine. Through a variety of filmmakers, content, and passionate team members, we are here to help you bring hope to your local community through the message of Jesus.

What We Offer

WorshipHouse Media offers the best in mini movies, worship song tracks, church countdowns, worship backgrounds, and small group videos. Whether it’s a normal Sunday or you are preparing for a special holiday service, you can find the perfect mini movie for a sermon illustration or engaging background for worship lyrics and announcements.  

Looking into the Future

Developed in 2005 by a group of worship and church leaders, WorshipHouse Media began its commitment to delivering only the best in ministry resources to local churches, ministries, schools, and other faith-based organizations.

Looking into the Future, we envision a church and body deeply tapped into the creativity of God that consistently engages its member with an interactive and communicative service. We value our customers and producers and are constantly developing looking towards ways to fulfill your needs and ensure only the best in customer service.

More Than Just A Website

We invite you to join a community of people like you - pastors, worship leaders, small group leaders and anyone involved with worship planning that has a heart to transform the church. We want to stay in touch with you! Check out our blog and Facebook pages and become a part of a community of ministry workers that share advice, answer questions and provide encouragement.

Thank you for choosing WorshipHouse Media!

Our Team

Kirsten Peyton
Operations Manager

Luke Miller
Director of Business Development and Strategy

Bill Long
Vice President & General Manager

Angela Bainter
Director of Marketing