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Description: A new way to musically worship has arrived. Let IgniterTracks help your audience visually connect the message in the music to their worship of God.

easySlides are animated song lyrics that bring a new twist to IgniterTracks, providing the freedom to jump to different places in a song. Using easySlides is like using normal text slides, but with the text built into the background. The band doesn't have to follow a click track because easySlides allow the tempo to vary.

*Full version of track
*Instrumental version of track
*Click track (split) version of track
*MP3 Rehearsal tracks for each audio version for Highest and Greatest

Song Lyrics:

Wake every heart and every tongue
To sing the new eternal song
And crown Him King of Glory now
Confess Him, Lord of all

You are the highest
You are the greatest
You are the Lord of all
Angels will worship
Nations will bow down
To the Lord of all

A day will come when all will sing
And glorify our matchless King
Your name unrivalled stands alone
You are the Lord of all

Let every heart
Let every tongue
Sing of Your name
Sing of Your name
Let every heart
Let every tongue
Sing, sing, sing


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