Dustin Smith


Authors: Dustin Smith


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Description: This unique resource allows the user the ability to compile their own personalized and seamless set straight from their computer for "In The Dust".

Song Lyrics:

I lay my pride down in the dust
In You alone I place my trust
Every battle I have won
Was only by Your plan

I lay my wisdom in the dust
Through my weakness You’ve made much
By Your power I’ve overcome
And by Your strength I stand

You have opened up my eyes
And I have seen the glory of my King
You have taken trouble captive
You alone now rule my enemies

God of my salvation, be forever praised
Oh, God who goes before me, be exalted all my days

Be exalted

Be exalted in the valleys unto the highest hills
Be exalted in the victory and every battlefield
Be exalted in this moment and in every day to come
Be exalted, Lord, be exalted

I lay my glory in the dust
I cannot sing Your praise enough
Here I stand victorious
But only by Your hand


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